The Vienna Sacher cake is probably one of the most famous pastries in the world. And the original Vienna Sacher cake recipe is for sure one of the best kept culinary secrects in history. According to rumors it’s stored in a safe like a treasure and only shared with a handful of selected people.

But don’t worry, lucky you have come across this site and I am now going to share a traditional family Sacher cake recipe with you that comes very close to the original cake in taste. Some people even say it’s better, as the cake prepared according to my grandmother’s directions is less dry than the original one. Keep in mind that the original Sacher cake is not just enjoyed in Vienna but actually shipped around the world and therefore has to last longer than a homemade one.

So if you have ever wondered how to prepare this delightful chocolate dream, here is where you will learn how to do it. And don’t worry, it’s actually a quite simple procedure.

Vienna Sacher cake recipe -how to prepare the original Vienna Sacher cake

Let’s start with the ingredients:

You will need:

Cake base:

6 (free range) eggs

140 g (about 1 1/4 cup) powdered sugar

140 g flour

140 butter

140 g melted chocolate


200 g pureed apricot jam

Glazing/ Frosting:

140 g chocolate

70 g butter

Furthermore you will need the following cooking aids:

a round spring form (diameter about 22 cm)

baking paper

an electric mixer


  • Pre-heat oven to 180° celcius (356° Fahrenheit)
  • separate the eggs and whisk the egg whites until stiff
  • melt the chocolate in a water bath
  • beat butter, sugar and egg yolks until fluffy
  • add the melted chocolate to the mass and stir well
  • add the flour and the stiff egg whites and fold in carefully
  • put baking paper on the bottom of the spring form and grease the sides well
  • fill the mass into the form and smooth it
  • bake for around 45-50 min (depending on the oven) at 180° celcius (356° Fahrenheit) on the middle level of the oven! (if you put it on the upper one the top might burn). You can test if it’s done with a needle. If dough sticks to it, it needs some more minutes.
  • allow the cake to cool off
  • cut the cake horizontally in two parts and spread jam on each half
  • put the two halfs together (the jam is supposed to be in the middle) and spread jam on the top and the sides of the cake
  • melt chocolate and butter in a waterbath and stir until all pieces have melted. The frosting should have a glossy texture, easy to spread
  • pour the hot frosting on top of the cake and spread if needed. For the best results and a smooth frosting, try to cover everything while pouring and only spread on the sides.
  • put the cake in the fridge or a cool location and let it dry for some hours
  • decorate if you want to and serve with a cup of whipped cream and ENJOY!

This Vienna Sacher cake recipe stems from my mother’s grandmother, my great- grandmother. It has been passed from generation to generation in its original form. If you try to prepare cake, let me know if you liked it and don’t hesitate to share your pictures with me!


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