Vienna in spring is just amazing. Due some personal changes in my life, for the first time in years I am having the opportunity to witness all the blossoming and blooming in the city and, yeah I am enjoying it. Honestly, I could wander around for hours with my camera, just marvelling at the prospering trees and flowers while trying to capture their beauty in a photo.

I was also surprised to find a lot of cherry blossom throughout the city. I seriously don’t know why anybody would want to go to Japan for this, just stay here and enjoy, it’s marvelous!

The perfect weather during the past view weeks has also contributed to a great start into spring. We have had a lot of sunshine and almost summer-like temperatures that make you feel energized and vivid! What a great time of the year! If you have ever wondered about the best travel season for a visit of Vienna, I can definitely recommend spring! It’s gorgeous!

Here are some pictures for you to prove that spring is the perfect time for a quick city-trip to Vienna!


♥ Lisa



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