Born and raised in Vienna, I have always been proud of this city’s beauty and history as well as the high quality of living. Though a traveller at heart, who loves to explore the world and get to know different cultures and exotic places, I always look forward to coming back to my city and its special vibes.

I would describe myself as an open-minded, ambitious and determined person, always striving to succeed and excel at everything I do.

My mission statement?

“Don’t dream your life but live your dreams”!

I love my city and I would like to share this deep connection with you. My aim is to take you on a journey through one of Europe’s most impressive and renowned cities. Together we will explore Vienna’s most beautiful areas, its lifestyle and its culinary secrets.

This blog represents everything that Vienna stands for, seen through my eyes (lens) and shared with the world!

As travelling plays an important role in my life, I also included a section dedicated to my travels and experiences abroad. If you want to learn more about my travel, you might want to visit my personal travel blog http://imprintmytravel.com (in German only).

My mission? Be authentic and picture reality. If you are looking for another blog owned by a model-like mid-twenty posing for perfect high-end photo shootings, dressed up with the latest fashion and promoting the trendiest restaurants and boutiques, this might not be the right destination for you.

But if you are interested in the real spirit of Vienna, its cosy coffeehouses, secret escapes and home-made delicacies brought to you by a life loving girl next door, I suggest you to stay a little longer and take your time browsing through this page.

Please note that there is no external provider involved in this project. All the texts, ideas and photographs are mine unless otherwise stated. For my photos I use the Iphone 6S or the Nikon D7100 SLR as well as Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Lightroom for editing if needed.

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Thank you for visiting!

♥ Lisa

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